Monday, June 16, 2014

Simple Platformer Day 08

Today: 15ish minutes to follow a tutorial, and an hour with the help of Herbie to try to unravel why I can't get the text to show up.

Lesson learned:
Do NOT attach GUI as a child or component to... everything else, because its position works differently than... everything else.

Forumer's post that helped me discover this mistake:
"Please do what I said and make the GUIText a separate object. It should not be a child of the camera, it should not be a component on the camera. It must be a totally separate independent object because it uses viewport space, not world space. It works 100% correctly: GameObject > Create Other > GUIText. Do not move it away from the 0..1 range in x/y or it won't be visible."

Created a separate script for GUI.
 void OnGUI(){
        gameObject.guiText.text = "Score:" + GM_Cs.theScore;

How position works: 0.5, 0.9 would be "upper middle of the screen".

noted for later use, changing something's position in script:

gameObject (or score.gameObject) .transform.position

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