Monday, May 5, 2014

Learning Project 1: Simple Platformer 1

Target Feature list:
  • Player that can move left, right, and jump (once before landing)
  • Simple platforms that collide with player
  • Scene boundries
  • A background layer
  • Score board
  • 1 pickup item that adds 1 to score
  • 1 enemy that moves on a pre-determined path, kills player on contact
  • restart button that appears after player dies
BTL features:
  • 1 new pickup item that grands double-jump
  • Win condition and win screen
  • Player shoots a projectile that kills enemies
  • 1 new enemy that chases the player
  • Trap tile that kills the player
  • Player health bar
  • 1 new pickup item that restores player health
  • High score board

Day 1:

Made 1 platform that collides with player.
Made 1 player that can be controlled to move left, right, and jump - currently unlimited.

Day 1 Lunch:

Downloaded sample project bundle
Converted player control script to C#.

Plans for Day 2:

Figure out how to limit the player to jump only once before landing.
Make a background image
Make scene boundries
Make a pickup item that spawns randomly

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